Heavenly Rattery

Welcome to Heavenly Rattery

We are here to bring one of the most wonderful loving pets to south west Florida. When looking to adopt a rat for myself in the area my choices were limited unless I wanted to do some serious driving to get my new companion, It was either that or go to a pet smart or pet co (which is NOT recommended, they get their rats from rat mills that are not breeding for health or temperament but instead breeding for profit alone.)

This is why we have formed the Heavenly Rattery. We also have a facebook page where we update up and coming litters. When breeding our little angels we always breed for temperament and health! We handle them every day from birth to ensure they will be loving and sweet when they go to their new homes. Take a look at our nursery link to see the babies we have available or email me if you would like to be added to our waiting list as all the babies might already have new homes already. If for some reason you have a rat and can no longer care for them please feel free to email me, I will be more than happy to take them off your hands and find a new home for them. I would much rather that than people letting them go outside where they have to fend for themselves in a world they have never been to before! I might add a link for these kinds of situations at a later date. For now please explore the website and enjoy all we have to offer. Thank you for visiting and come back soon!


Molly is my best rat friend! She has been working tirelessly to get this website up and running! The picture to the right is of her hanging out on her favorite blanket. Below is a photo of her working on the website. She did not want her photo on the website but I insisted. Molly literally goes everywhere with me, to the point that the people at our nearby small business pet shop knows me as Molly's mom lol.

Molly perfecting our website!

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Molly hanging out on her favorite blanket!